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    I'm looking for a camcorders to transfer some tapes

    I have some old tapes recorded Pal (french) and NTSC.
    I bought a DVD recorder but i'm looking for a camcorders to transfert my tapes PAL and NTSC.
    Do you have advices ? Do you now where can i find it ?
    Thank you

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    Re: I'm looking for a camcorders to transfer some tapes

    Camcorder isn't what you need.

    Your DVD recorder probably only supports one standard, so you will have to play the NTSC or SECAM (it's rare for French tapes to be PAL isn't it?) tape and convert it to whatever the DVD recorder will record.

    If the tapes are in SECAM and NTSC then you need a multi-standard tape player - I use the AIWA MX100 - that will convert the SECAM and NTSC to the video standard you want on the DVD.

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    Re: I'm looking for a camcorders to transfer some tapes

    my recommendation would be to transfer everything to the computer. You can get internal and external analogue video converters that will handle any input type you have. Once on the computer with the right software you can export these videos into whatever format you want. You could even use the analogue converter to send them back to tape although I strongly recommend burning them to dvd or blue ray.

    I use a canopus external converter (it runs through 6pin firewire) As it lets me change the input format through some dip switches on the box. The internal version is cheaper but I have to crack open the computer and change the dip switches when I change the format. There are plenty of other brands that will do the job though. Some of them are probably even USB. As for software any good editing software will handle these videos. Typically they will let you export the video in the format your region uses. Most DVD players can playback multiple formats so it really isn't that much of an issue but one of the semi pro or pro editing / burning systems will do it for sure. Again I use Adobe premier pro for editing and adobe Encore for mastering my DVD's It will let you specify the format you want and even the region you want. But Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, Avid, Final Cut etc are all good options.
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    Re: I'm looking for a camcorders to transfer some tapes

    Thank you for your help guys.
    I think i will use my computer it seems easier.

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