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    Camera prices differences


    I have a little video production business. I want to buy a new camera. I have checked these Sony that I think are OK: HVR-Z1U and HVR-V1U.

    I have noticed that there is a huge price difference between different online stores for the same camera (

    Does anybody know if it is safe to bay the cheapest one.


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    Re: Camera prices differences

    If it's too good to be true - then it usually is.
    Check out the Camera Dealer Feedback forum.

    Signs for places not to shop
    - far cheaper than everyone else
    - multiple "packages" for the same product
    - sells kits with accessories
    - recommends you buy accessories or special batteries
    - has a website that looks VERY similar to someone else's
    - has a bad rating and poor reports at

    e.g. expresscameras, expocameras, trustedphoto
    Oooh look, they're all 1/4 the price or less of reputable stores.

    Scroll down to the Sports Forum and post your sports pictures !

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    Re: Camera prices differences

    Like Paul mentioned, look those guys up on the dealer forum, you'll be surprised. I stick with B&H, there are others just as good, like Calumet and Adorama, but they've never let me down.
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    Re: Camera prices differences

    I run a HS Sports site, so I have been upgrading video and Camera Eqt. all year. I was lucky with my first two camera buys, but them I got caught.

    They bait you with the price. You call to order and they tell you - (1) It's the Chinese Version so unless you know chinese you do not want this one. The USA one is about the same price as B&H. or (2) You get that price IF you get the package and 3-year warranty or (3) You only get the BODY and they mean BODY! No lens, No battery, etc.

    Like I said, I have had two money saving buys, but then was hit with the two scam artists. Oh, My one canon (camera) has been back to canon for repairs twice in the last two months (It is three months old) - so maybe I was sent a refurb lemon??

    Just stick with the people we all trust.
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