I have the same problem as indicated below in an August 2005 post from another forum. I posted my question there with no response. (I don't think anyone looks at it any more).

I've removed all screws and opened flash head partially. The side with the dial is free. However the other side acts like there is still a fastener holding it together, perhaps under the silver disk. I'm afraid to force it for fear of breaking something. How do you get into the case to perform the below tests? Any other advice on possible problem.

The flash hasn't been used in many years and I'm sure (hope) the problem is a corroded contact inside. The hot shoe has 230v but as mentioned below, no trigger will fire the flash and discharge the capacitor. I'd like to make sure it will work before ordering the adapter to step the sync voltage down for my Nikon D70.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Symptoms: energy storage capacitor charges as indicated by the audible inverter whine changing frequency increasing in pitch until ready light comes on but pressing shutter release or manual test button has no effect..?

Possible solution: Test for voltage on the trigger capacitor and continuity of the trigger transformer windings. Confirm that the energy storage capacitor is indeed fully charged with a voltmeter.