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    Viewfinder is dark (D100)

    I''ve been using a D100 for some time. A few days ago I noticed the image in the viewfinder has gotten very dark. I"ve checked all the settings to no avail; reset it to factory defaults etc. Its the same with both the lenses I have. If i manually change the f setting the image brightens up with the lower f numbers otherwise if set to the correct mode it stays dark. Any ideas anyone?

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    Re: Viewfinder is dark (D100)

    Do you have a manual depth-of-field preview button?
    Sounds like that is stuck on.

    Or does the lens have a m/a aperture setting?
    One of my tamron lenses when set to A would operate wide open until the camera stopped it down, but set to M would follow the aperture settings on the ring.

    I would first look to see if it's something that's got knocked and turned on/off that you haven't normally used.

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