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Thread: View on Laptop

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    View on Laptop

    I want to be able to take the picture and have it show on my laptop right away. Does onyone know if this is possible with a Sony A300? Is there any special software/cables I can get to do this, or need?


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    USB cable

    I don't know the A300 but I imagine it works just like all the other cameras on the market.

    Use a USB cable with a mini connector (probably came with the camera) to plug the camera straight into the PC. The PC will see the card in the camera as being an external hard drive and you can just pick the photos up from there. If the camera is Pictbridge compatible your PC may even propose to down load the photos.

    JPG's are usually readable by the operating system without need for extra software

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    Re: View on Laptop

    And for most cameras, you can buy additional applications to do what I thnk AJ wants.

    Not to copy pictures from it as a drive, but to shoot tethered to the computer, and so see the images as they are taken instead of afterwards.

    I was able to get that quite cheaply for my Minolta A1, but discovered it wasn't a feature I used very much and so abandoned the idea of getting it for my Canons.

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    Re: View on Laptop

    I can do that with my Alpha A700, tethered USB, I can actually shoot from my computer too, *with* supplied cables and software. Haven't found it useful yet either, but a cool feature to have - and may be useful depending on use. Not sure if its with the A300, but my software came with my camera, I would look through your software disc and see if its included, and look through your cameras menu for 'USB Connection type" and see if it offers "Remote PC" option. It may be a much more cool feature for the A300 too, if it offers live view through computer, which it may.

    *edit - scratch that, I just looked on dyxum and apparently the only A-Mount cameras with a tethered option are the Maxxum 7D, Sony A700, and Sony A900. If it is an important feature for you, you could look into those cameras.
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