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Thread: Tripod advice

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    Tripod advice

    I have an Olympus E300 camera and am looking for a good tripod. I use it for travel most of the time so it needs to be very compact. I would like something that folds down to about 18-20 inches so it will fit in my backpack. Doesn't have to have a million bells and whistles but needs to be sturdy! I don't mind paying a little more for something of quality. I have a Quantaray but it is a little too lightweight for the new camera.

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    Re: Tripod advice

    I've been working with my father's twenty year old Velbon, which is a bit heavy. And the joint on the pan head has finally given up. But it has been a excellent tripod, very sturdy. I was thinking of get a Quantaray. For the money it would cost to ship and repair the old Velbon I can get a new one. Which I will probably do anyway. What do you think of yours? Has it been a good tripod?

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    Re: Tripod advice

    Get the best tripod you can afford! I have two cheapos and they almost never get used. They are much lighter, and smaller than my Bogen/Manfrotto but I still lug it around the woods instead of the lighter ones. If you're looking to save weight, check out the carbon fiber tripods. Slik, Bogen/Manfrotto, and many other companies offer some great tripods and you should find something from them that will meet your needs. Be sure to check out the basalt tripods too. From what I have read, they are pretty strong, and light also.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Tripod advice

    There was a really good thread about tripods in Help awhile back, but I guess it's too old to be around anymore. I've spent too much money trying to save a buck. Tripods don't work that way. You can have the latest, greatest, sharpest lens but if your tripod isn't solid, it doesn't matter.

    For me, the answer was a Gitzo 1228 carbon fiber with an Arca Swiss B1 head, but that's a pretty expensive solution too. 2-3 years ago when I got it (with really good deals on used gear, btw) I had two other tripods. One of the two I may have used once and since has been sold (and not missed). The other I've probably used 2-3 times because it's taller (I'm 6'1"). There will always be equipment that will be nice to have, like new lenses or camera bodies, but honestly I haven't thought of another tripod or head since I got this setup. It also won't be obselete next year... ;)

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