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    Apr 2010
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    Taking pictures in a flying helicopter...?

    Do you know how to take pictures of people in a flying helicopter? Have you ever done it?
    I am thinking about putting my camera on the helicopter's cockpit and I would like to trigger it via a remote. This way I would be able to take take the photos while the pilot is flying the chopper.
    The question is how to set up the camera so it is stable on the cockpit...?
    I was thinking about using a powerful suction cup camera mount. Something like this:
    Any thoughts? Have you ever done something similar?


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    Re: Taking pictures in a flying helicopter...?

    I've got zero experience with this, but I would think going hand held would be better then a rigid mound that won't absorb the vibrations of the helicopter. I have to wonder if the pilot would even allow that.
    mostly Nikon gear

    Feel free to edit my images for critique, just let me know what you did.

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    Re: Taking pictures in a flying helicopter...?

    I've shot in and from a helicopter and vibration is going to be your biggest enemy. I'm not sure if a suction cup would be adequate and handheld would definitely be best. Is there a reason you can't be in the helicopter to take the pictures yourself?

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    Apr 2010
    Miami, FL

    Re: Taking pictures in a flying helicopter...?

    To make it clear, it will be a wedding. The groom will be flying to the wedding venue in a helicopter and I want him to sit next to the pilot. I want to capture the moment when we take off and the groom and all the groomsmen are scared a little bit...

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