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    Need Help Posting Pictures!

    I need help with trying to post pictures on my forums!!! I can not figure out how to re-size my pictures so that they are within forum range. They cannot be larger than 100kb. How do you change that? I have so many awesome pictures but can't figure out how to post them correctly. If anyone could please help me I would appreciate it! Maybe some web sites that could help? Thanks everyone!! Red

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    Re: Need Help Posting Pictures!

    You need a photo program that will resize photos. Most version 2.0's that come on pre built computers won't do it. If you have Microsoft Office, you probably have Office Picture Manager, you can resize there. You can buy a higher level photo program, maybe even upgrade what you already have, or try searching "free photo resizing programs" on Google.

    Edit: A free program that you can resize in is Firegraphic 6, I use it to download pictures from my camera. Firegraphic 6

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