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    need guidance on first digital SLR

    Hi All,

    don't have much knowledge on SLRs.

    So, need some help in buying the first SLR.

    I would like to buy an digital SLR with integrated/fixed lens so that i can use LCD also at the time of taking photo, not just view finder.

    in most DSLRs LCD is used for menu and review.

    need some video recording too.


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    Re: need guidance on first digital SLR

    There are several DSLR's with live view. However the only one with video recording is the Nikon D90.

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    Smile Re: need guidance on first digital SLR


    That's why there are "point-and-shoots! The features you described are found mostly on these cameras. There are also "compact digitals" which are kind of a mix between SLRs and basic point-and-shoots, they might be a good choice.

    ~As far as I know, there is only ONE D-SLR that has the ability to record video. (Nikon D90).
    ~Live view on D-SLRs isn't as good as that on point-and-shoots with a fixed lens.

    And by the way, why do you want an SLR? If this is going to be your first camera then it will be overkill.
    But, if you already have some experience, then a D-SLR might work. Remember, these cameras are quite advanced.

    If you do decide to buy one, there are many that have "live view", so make a longer list of features that you want. This will help in narrowing down the different choices.

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