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    need advice from DSLR users, esp Canon owners

    Hi everyone,
    I need help on 2 issues:

    1) Do I deserve a DSLR?
    Iíve already read through many articles and forum posts on the topic of P&S vs DSLR so I know the pros and cons of both. Instead Iíd like your advice/opinions on whether the type of photography I do justifies my desire for a DSLR.

    I've never owned or used a DSLR before. Iíve used a Canon Powershot A80 for the past 5 years. It served me well and the only reason Iím getting a new camera is because I lost it a couple of months ago

    I'm a student on a tight budget, so if I get a DSLR I wonít be buying additional lenses anytime soon. Iíve used various modes like landscape, night and sports and have a basic understanding of shutter speed, but havenít ventured into fully manual, although Iím willing to try.

    The types of photos I take are:
    - night scenes (city skylines, buildings lit up at night)
    - nature macro esp. flowers
    - travel photography (buildings, architecture, cities from high rise viewpoints)
    - nature landscapes (mountains, rivers, clouds)
    - occasionally animals
    - people at parties/functions

    I normally donít do any post processing of photos. My photos are for personal use, like posting online or for use as PC wallpaper. When I print photos itís usually photo album size (3R/4R).

    Photography is only a hobby for me, but I'm still particular about taking clear, beautiful pictures. Iím always trying to get the perfect shot and usually end up with a dozen photos of the same thing.

    So, does all this justify getting a DSLR?

    2) Canon 400D or 450D
    I am trying to decide between the Canon 400D/XTi and 450D/XSi. From what Iíve read the only major differences between the two that matter to me are liveview, an image stabilizing kit lens, battery life and camera weight. The price difference between the two models in my country is approx. USD190. Is it worth paying more for the newer model and additional features?

    Also Iíve seen many complaints about the AF on the 450D. How serious is this problem and do all 450Ds have it? Is this a valid reason not to buy the 450D?

    If you need additional info to advise me please ask.

    Iíd really appreciate any advice/help you can offer

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    Re: need advice from DSLR users, esp Canon owners

    #1) If we only bought what we deserve no one would own anything. You need a new camera, DSLRs are much easier to use than P-n-S cameras and upgradeable at any time AND you can put them in auto or any of the preset modes and still use them like a P-n-S.

    #2) The XTi or the XSi? If you are on a budget buy the cheapest. Those "entry level" cameras are so good that worrying about which one is like counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin (although this site does have pretty thorough reviews of the cameras you are interested in).
    No, I DON'T need that.

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    Re: need advice from DSLR users, esp Canon owners

    I am a fan of DSLR's for sure, but I'm not sure you 'need' a DSLR. If your images are primarily for personal use and posting to the web and the occasional print there are certainly some very capable P&S camera's out there, and some even have DSLR capabilities such as RAW capture. Plus, they are lighter and smaller so they are more like to go along with you more often than a DSLR.

    Now if you were to use your images for large prints and some commercial work (i.e. submitting images to stock agencies) then DSLR is definitely the way to go.

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    Re: need advice from DSLR users, esp Canon owners

    As I said in your other thread, absolutely, you should! When you reach the point in your photo journey where you'd like to grow and experiment, then it's time to get a camera system that grows with you. That's the beauty of cameras like the Canon XT, XTi or the XSi. They can be used on full auto, but also have full manual, shutter priority and aperture priority modes. So, you can venture out into experimenting with various features as you're comfortable doing so.

    DSLRs also give you better options. Point and shoots are for snapshots. Flashes that are only good for about 9 feet, shutter lag, and small CCD chips which have been stuffed with enough megapixels that noise becomes an issue in low light.

    Fine for a shutterbug, but for someone who takes the sort of pictures you do, definitely you're ready for the next level. As for any so-called autofocus complaints with the 450D/XSi, I haven't had that problem. I really enjoy the XSi. Great camera that takes solid pictures.

    But remember this. You're looking at a system here, not just a camera body. Bodies will come and go, but your lenses will move from body to body. And since you can still get the XT or the XTi, I would save money there and invest the rest of the money on a good zoom lens that will serve you well. Then, when prices drop next year on the XSi, you can consider selling that older body on eBay and upgrade to the XSi.

    Good luck.

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