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    My first SLR: K10D and needed!

    If this is wrong forum my apologies... although my camera is Pentax the rest might not be... so I thought I'd get better answers here!

    Hello everyone !

    I'm a 21 years French-Canadian medical student. I've been living in Europe for the past three years, and this is where I discovered I had a secret passion for photography. :idea:

    I am finally moving back home to Canada this summer. Rent will be cheaper, food, electricity, water... everything ! Which means all these savings will go into...... buying my first SLR! I am very excited, since the best camera I have owned so far is a Powershot S500. I've purchased 200$ worth of books and devoured them, especially 'Light- Science and Magic' and 'Understanding Exposure'. I now feel ready to start shooting. :thumbsup:

    I looked around and first wanted to go for the K100D, but I thought I'd go for a K10D right away since I have the budget and I feel the K10D will last me a little longer - it will probably take a while before my skills outgrow the camera !

    So I'd like to share with you my shopping cart at Before some Americans start screaming how expansive it is compared to the US - unfortunately it is. I considered buying in the US (I included a comparison) but the savings are very small after duties and taxes, and if I ever need to use my warranty I'd need to send my gear to the United States. So although it's a little more expansive here, I don't mind.

    My budget is 3000$. Here it is:

    K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Body BONUS $920.80
    Pentax - 16-45mm f4 Digital smc DA ED AL Lens $377.60
    Pentax - 50-200mm smc PDA f4-5.6 ED Lens $188.80

    Battery Grip DBG2 for K10D Digital SLR $182.14
    Battery Pack DLI50 Rechargeable$84.50

    Sandisk - 2 GB Ultra II SD Plus Memory Card 2x $62.79
    Lowepro - Pixel Pak V1 Memory Card Case $17.89

    Pentax - Deluxe SLR Camera Bag with Pentax insignia $24.74
    ------------------------------------ Sub-total: 1922,05$
    Shipping: 16,72$
    6% PST: 116,32$
    Total: 2055,10$

    Here is a comparison to an eBAY kit:

    Sub-total: $1,189.95US
    Shipping: $47US
    14% PST/GST: $173,17US
    Duty and brokerage fee: 79,87
    ------------------------------------ Total: $1460.12US
    Total: 1568,47$ CAD

    Of course I don't have the same lenses ( doesn't have the Temron mentioned) so my approximate savings for buying across the border would be of 300$ give or take...except I won't be happy if my K10D breaks and I have no more warranty. I prefer to buy at home and have a piece od mind !

    I am missing:
    - A tripod
    - An external flash unit

    I still have around 1000$ left on my budget, so if anyone can suggest a good tripod (and a ballhead if it doesn't come with it) as well as a flash unit.

    Let me know what you guys think, I'm very anxious to hear your comments! Thank you!!!

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    Re: My first SLR: K10D and needed!

    I never suggest buying the package deals on ebay as the items included are usually of low quality and if you just shop a bit for the individual items you need, you'll find better quality at lower prices. Only kit I would buy would be body and perhaps a lens and then shop ebay or elsewhere for what you need/want.
    I don't know why anyone needs a case for their cards but maybe some experts here do.
    A tripod is an ablsoute necessity, imho. You might look at reviews here. You can get good ones with good ballhead for a couple hundred or get really good for more.
    A case is necessary but there are many models and you want to make sure you get one large enough for all your kit to fit. At least body and a couple extral lenses and flash and cleaning kit and filters and cards and etc.
    Better experts than I may give you different advice. I'm not familiar with pentax lenses but know people that have the 10d seem to like it.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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    Re: My first SLR: K10D and needed!

    You've made a wise choice in my opinion. Please check out the Pentax forum and especially Benjikan's post. He is a fellow countryman of yours and is currently in France doing some great work with the K10D.
    I look forward to seeing your growth as a Pentax photographer!!!!
    Please post lots of pics!!! We're all glad to help guide you along your way!!!

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