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    Leica M39 Lens adaptors for Canon EOS Body

    Hi all,

    Recently my grandma gave me an old Leica IIIg Rangefinder camera with three lenses. It was a pleasant surprise, and in doing some research I've only heard great things about the camera.

    I haven't had all of the equipment checked out by a professional yet, but they seem to be in great condition with only few slight scratches, but no breaks in the lenses. They are all M39 LTM screw mount lenses. (These aren't my photos)

    A wide angle:
    W-Nikkor.C f/3.5 35mm

    A regular:
    Leica Summicron Collapsible f/2 50mm

    And a telephoto
    Canon f/3.5 100mm

    I love shooting on film, but I was also looking into ways to mount these lenses on a Canon EOS body (I have a Canon T3i)

    I've been getting mixed messages, some people claim it's impossible, while others say it's easy as long as you have the right adapter. The biggest concern I've seen is that the adapters do not allow you to focus at infinity, if at all.
    Most of these have been from a few years ago, so I'm wondering, is it now possible to mount these M39 LTM lenses on an EOS body with just one adapter? Or is there a trickier, more complicated way to do it? Some people have been talking about stacking an M39 to M42 adapter to a M42 to EOS adapter.

    If you're curious, here are a few adapters I've been looking at. Some seem sketchier than others, any suggestions? Has anyone shot with adapters of any sort for these lenses?

    Thanks so much guys!

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    Re: Leica M39 Lens adaptors for Canon EOS Body

    I have used adapters be never from LTM to SLR. The Fotodiox looks like the best choice to me since it states it will infinity focus. You have to figure in your Canons crop factor. Your Summicron 50mm will not be 50mm. It looks like a lot of fun.
    Though I have tried all kinds of adapters and they worked fine they generally wind up collecting dust. There is nothing like the results of the Leica lenses on film. I have used a few M mount lenses on my m4/3rd cameras.
    A lot of it depends on your DSLR viewfinder too, it probably has no focus patch and may be hard to manually focus.
    Stacking adapters generally doesn't work.
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