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    Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Do you shoot in jpeg, raw, or tiff, and why? What's the differance? Is it important? Just wondering.

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul in OKC
    Do you shoot in jpeg, raw, or tiff, and why? What's the differance? Is it important? Just wondering.

    For me it's jpeg. I have tried shooting raw, and I like it, and would do it again in the future, if my PC was able to handle them. The large size of the raw files is just way to much for my old PC to deal with. Sure I loose a little bit of control over my photos in post processing and maybe a little image quality, but to me, it's not noticable. When I choose a file to work on, and eventually get printed, I always save as a psd file and leave the original jpeg alone. Once I get the file finalized and ready for print, I save it as a tiff file for uploading to, or else I print from the original psd file myself. I also like the fact of getting more photo's out of my CF card with jpeg vs raw. I can shoot about 300 large jpegs vs about 100 or so raw files on my 1gb card. It's the only card I have right now, so quantiy is pretty important for me. That is a big differance when out in the field. So for now, I'm sticking with the jpegs, and converting to other file types as needed for printing and post processing.

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    I've reverted back to JPG for much of my photos, despite having a screaming pc (P4 3.3 GHz, 4 GB Corsair twinxpro RAM in dual channel setup, GeForce 6800 GT (256MB DDR2), and 320 GB hard drive space, 52x cd-r, 16x dvd-r) just because RAW workflow is time consuming, inconvenient, and for most of my photos outside the office, non critical. We shoot RAW for our cosmetic and reconstruction photos at the office, so the C1 Pro software isn't a total waste, but I'm not getting much out-of-office use from it. For my studio photography I still shoot RAW because of the latitude it gives for post processing, but outside the studio, it's pretty much JPG at the largest resolution and lowest compression settings.
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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul in OKC
    Do you shoot in jpeg, raw, or tiff, and why? What's the differance? Is it important? Just wondering.
    I use RAW all the time. This is your "digital negative." If you don't like the entire workflow process, just convert all the RAW in batch mode to jpeg and keep the RAWs in a safe place. With both jpeg and TIFF, you are locked into whatever you set at the time of the shot (much like slide film). RAW lets you have total control over the image.

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    There's a similar discussion that took place a while ago which can be found here:
    Why RAW??

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Raw, for preference.
    I only use Jpeg if it's not important.
    So for all my motor racing, it's RAW format.

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    I shoot jpg, if I didn't shoot much and had all the time in the world to edit photos I might shoot raw but the difference isn't great enough for me to justify the overhead.

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Both RAW and Jpeg. Different tools for the job but most of the time Jpeg works just fine.

    I don't see any reason to shoot a TIF, basically the same as a Jpeg but without the compression. To me, the biggest benefits of RAW are the larger bit depth and adjustable white balance (in that order, too). As long as you're shooting Jpegs at the highest quality setting you'll have a high quality file - and a TIF is a huge file, even larger than RAW and doesn't have the above two advantages.

    I also use Mpix but have been sending them Jpegs for printing (saved in Photoshop at a quality of 12 which is the highest). I save the finished file as a TIF and convert to Jpeg before sending them (it's quicker and no real-world loss of quality).

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    Re: Jpeg, Raw, or Tiff?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul in OKC
    Do you shoot in jpeg, raw, or tiff, and why? What's the differance? Is it important? Just wondering.
    I think it is important also to differentiate between using the photos commercially or if you are just taking "happy snaps". If taking them for commercial use then RAW is the answer most of the time. If you are doing it for yourself then you have to choose dependant on your own usage, sometimes you would choose to shoot RAW but other times the pictures may not need it.

    I shoot all three types but really see little difference between them with the type of shooting that I am currently doing, you milage may vary depending on what you are shooting.

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