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    Introduction and MTB shooting advice

    Hello everyone. Thanks to Photo-John for making me aware of this site via the MTBR forums.

    I just jumped to still photography from video in June with the purchase of a Canon 30D. I've always been wanting to get great action shots as well as good artsy shots, but would get quickly frustrated with P&S cameras that I have owned in the past. The main problem with P&S was the shutter lag which is probably why I was more into video. So since i've gotten my camera i've been doing lots of reading about photography and am also taking a photography class at the local JC. While i'm comfortable being behind a lens in general due to my video experience, still photography is a tough but welcome learning experience.

    What i'd like to ask is if anyone has any advice, tricks, tips and techniques for shooting Mountian bike photography with the equipment I currently have or equipment that may be worth the investment. One thing that I find challenging is the low light but high shutter speed requirements of MTB in Nor Cal because often times it's under tree cover.

    My equipment selections currently includes:

    Canon 30D
    70-200 f4L
    50 1.8
    18-55 kit
    .42x semi fish that can be attched to my kit lens
    220EZ flash

    What i'd like to add in the near future:

    Good replacement for the kit lens. Maybe the 17-40 F4L just don't know if it will be fast enough.
    Battery grip
    Sigma 8mm fisheye.

    Here are a couple of the better shots i've come out with but lots of them don't come out. Again any critique advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Introduction and MTB shooting advice-88514648-l.jpg   Introduction and MTB shooting advice-willits-web.jpg  

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    Re: Introduction and MTB shooting advice

    oops sorry guys, I realize this was posted in the wrong forum. I'll go ahead and post it in the correct one.

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