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    Question a few lens questions

    my questions concern lenes for a d70. Im looking for a good 50mm lens, and a decent for the money 70-200 or 70-300 lens. Ive seen several 50mm but not sure just one will work with the d70, and still auto focus correctly. On the telephoto ive found these
    telephoto 1
    telephoto 2

    Please reply with any feedback, advice, and also any other lens that might fit my needs. im looking to spend up to 150 or so for the 50mm, and would like to stay under 600 for the telephoto.
    thanks ahead of time

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    Re: a few lens questions

    Any AF (autofocus) lens will work just fine with a D70. For 50mm, the choices are f1.8 (at just under $100) or the 2/3 stop faster f1.4. Both are very sharp and either would be a good choice. If you shoot low-light hand-held a lot then you might go for the f1.4 but otherwise the f1.8 will be fine.

    As far as a telephoto lens goes, for $600 you could get a nice used Nikon 80-200 f2.8. Here's a link to a new one at B&H and keep in mind that rebates come up often on this lens. I have it and it's incredibly sharp, but it is large and heavy. I've used the 70-300 ED version you linked as well (not the less expensive G version) and it's a good lens too - much smaller, lighter and less expensive. Again, if you don't shoot in low light and/or sports you might won't need the f2.8 lens, and that 70-300 should be a good choice.

    What subjects do you plan to photograph with these lenses? We may be able to help more with specifics.

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    Re: a few lens questions

    I do not know much yet but here is a link to a guide to pretty much all nikon lens

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