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Thread: ebay?

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    I recently decided on the D80 and started to look up some prices. I ran into a lot of insane deals on eBay where the D80 plus 3-5 lenses and bags and other stuff comes out to about $1200. My question is if anyone has fed into one of these deals? Also is it safe? If not should I just bite the bullet and go to B & H or Canoga?

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    Re: ebay?

    Usually what you get in those "insane" deals is a lot of lower end stuff. You won't get something for nothing, no matter how hard you try. B&H, Buy Dig, Adorama, etc. are very good gages for what stuff should cost.
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    Re: ebay?

    The package deals on ebay, even from the good dealers, are just full of cheap stuff.
    Anyone can call any tripod a pro tripod and the rest of the stuff you'll find to be of low quality and then you'll have to buy replacements.
    As for the camera and a lens, check out the lens and make sure it is one you want.
    Sure you may get a x power lens for 50 bucks in the package deal but if it isn't a quality lens you'll end up spending the money again. There are deals with body and lens that do have good lenses.
    Also, make sure you only buy from authorized dealers. If they are not Nikon authorized dealers, you'll be getting a gray market camera with no manufacturer warranty. Don't be fooled by the 'USA warranty' statement. It means they will warrant it but probably means you have to send it to xyz in singapore or something and Nikon won't touch it.
    Cameta is an authorized dealer I know because that's where I got mine. There are two or three others...just can't think of their names now.
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    Re: ebay?

    I agree with Frog once agian, it's buyer beware. In the world of photography you always get what you pay for, same way on Ebay at least always buy from a authorized dealer.
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    Re: ebay?

    I dunno, I bought a lens on ebay recently from an individual seller (not a store) and researched feedback/ contacted the seller and recieved an insane deal of $410 for a $900 lens... and it was in perfect condition when I recieved it!! Make sure to look at feedback though... I'm going through the same ebay dilemma looking at buying a D200.
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