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Thread: colorspace

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    I just wanted some input on what colorspace would be best to use. naturally i would believe adobeRGB, but i heard from somebody that standard RGB works better with inkjets then adobeRGB, even though inkjets support adobeRGB. is this true? Is there any real benefit to using sRGB over adobeRGB?

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    Re: colorspace

    The fail safe would be to shoot RAW and then decide later. But if I'm shooting JPEG, I leave it on sRGB. Most of my images are used on the Web and sRGB is the default colorspace of browsers, so there was a disconnect whenever I would shoot and edit in Adobe RGB then put in on the Web and have big color differences.

    I think Adobe RGB has a wider gamut so I would assume its better if you primarily make prints, but I don't do much printing so I'm not sure what would be best there.

    Of course, I could be entirely wrong - if so, please correct me.
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    Re: colorspace

    If you make your own prints, then you can set everything up for Adobe RGB. If you send them out (lab, one-hour, etc) then make sure that whoever is printing can work in that color space. 99% of all places I've run across are sRGB.

    If you print an Adobe RGB file in sRGB, the colors will be slightly different. It's probably not a dramatic change and may give you an acceptable print, but you'll be a lot better off knowing what you're getting by having the file set up as sRGB.

    I'll bet that the difference between an uncalibrated and a calibrated monitor is a lot more than this - calibrating is a really important thing to do so you know that what you're seeing on the monitor is accurate.

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