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    Angry Charging batteries overseas

    Hi everyone... just a question in regards to using my battery charger overseas. I recently purchased a Canon EOS Digital Rebel in North America and am now in the United Kingdom and need to charge my batteries. Does anyone know if just have to plug the charger into an electrical adapter and then into the wall in order to charge the batteries, or do I first have to plug the charger into a voltage converter? I have no idea what to do and am holding off since I don't want to blow the charger up.

    Please help... thanks!!

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    Re: Charging batteries overseas

    The CB-5L charger for the Digital Rebel is rated at 100-240 volts (50/60hz) input producing 8.4v DC. If the wall voltage and hertz matches the charger ratings then you would be ok. However when I travel overseas I always take a voltage converter. It just gives me a more easy feeling about the whole situation when working with "pricey" equipment. It is not that I don't trust overseas power specs (I wish North America used the same as Europe for TV quality) as much as a combination of me understanding where I am and the voltage specs of that area. It never hurts to be on the safe side. I also usually take a bunch of equipment with me that always doesn't match.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Charging batteries overseas

    You just need a converter to put the wimpy little US plug into a proper power outlet
    The fact that it works at 110-240V and 50-60Hz means it'll work world-wide.

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    Re: Charging batteries overseas

    You just need a plug adapter. The charger is variable voltage, so you shouldn't need to use a transformer anywhere. I used my Powershot charger in England, Malta, Egypt, Israel, and Holland, in addition to the US, with no problems. I just have a couple of plug adapters and I'm set. My laptop is the same, and I used it overseas for a year without incident. As long as the charger says it has a range up to 240v and 50/60hz, you'll be good.

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