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    Canon EOS 1000D or Olympus E-450

    Hiya all. I'm new to this forum.

    Anyway, I need your help. I am thinking of buying a DSLR camera, it will be my first one but I want it to be good so I don't end up regretting it and wanting another one! I have two camera models in mind but I don't really know what one to choose. I either want the Canon EOS 1000D or the Olympus E450.

    The Canon has a wide range of lenses available compared to that of the Olympus and I know that Canon is also one of the leading DSLR brands but the Olympus I'm looking at has face detection and image stabilisation, the Canon has neither. They both have their pro's and con's obviously!

    What one would you all suggest? Would any of the Canon lenses provide face detection and image stabilisation? Or does it even matter?

    I'm not a professional photographer but I plan to be.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Canon EOS 1000D or Olympus E-450

    If you know how to use your AF properly, on a DSLR, "face detection" is irrelevant.

    The canon does have image stabilization, but its an optical stabilization, the olympus has a sensor based. The olympus stabilization certainly is a better value, but the optical does better at higher focal ranges, and allows a panning view of the stabilizer.

    I don't know exactly why you honed in on those two models, there are a lot more out there, even in that price range. both of those would be fine. I'm not all that familiar with the Olympus series, but if I'm not mistaken the olympus has spot metering function whereas the Canon does not, in which case, I would personally go with the olympus. Then, Canon's XTi and T1i have that spot metering, at nearly the same price - and I would prefer either of those over the Olympus. No less, I don't think you'll go wrong any way, there really isn't a bad camera out there any more.

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