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    camera/lens recommendation for pinball stencil creation


    I'm a newbie... ;-)

    I'm interested in creating stencils to be used for pinball machine
    cabinet restoration. The plan is to take the digital image, vectorize
    it, and then use an stencil cutting machine to create the stencil. I
    was hoping for some suggestions on a decent camera for such a task.

    The largest area of the cabinet is approximately 51" in length by 22"
    in height. The other sides of the cabinet are subsets of this area
    size. Usually the artwork found on the cabinet is two or three color
    tones. Some examples can be seen here:

    I plan to set the cabinet against a flat, white background to take the
    images. As I am making stencils, being able to have accurate
    geomentry for my starting image (so no warping/distortion (nomenclature?), etc... on the edges of the photo) is necessary.

    If someone could provide some suggestions on a good digital camera, lens, tripod, etc... for getting me good detailed images I would greatly appreciate it. I *think* I want to use a prime lens which will allow better consistency between shots... but I'm not really sure (thus my posting here...)

    In case it matters, I do not intend to take this camera out for family
    vacations, etc... I just want to try to understand a good camera/lens
    suggestion for this specific use.

    Thank you,

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    Re: camera/lens recommendation for pinball stencil creation

    You might consider a m4/3rd camera like an Olympus EP-2 or a Sony NEX with a good prime.
    I am like Barney Fife, I have a gun but Andy makes me keep the bullet in my pocket..

    Sony a99/a7R

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