Hi everybody my husband just got me a Kodak dx6490 digital camera. That digital camera has a 10X zoom on it. I took it to a few concerts to take pictures and I found that it was slow in focusing. I tried all the speed, including autofocus...all that happened when I took band pictures was out of focus shots. So I tried different speeds on manual and found that at ISO200 was the best for the lighting in both clubs. But I found that even then the focus was too slow for all the action going on. And it was very frustrating.

So I realized I needed a better camera....not to mention that when I stood in the front of the stage...even at the 10xzoom I couldn't get a shot of the drummer in the back...and that was really frustrating too.

So I am getting a thousand dollars to put down for a new camera....which one should I get for concert photography...I heard about the digital rebel...the canon 10d and the new canon that is a thousand dollars that is 8 megapixels (Canon PowerShot 8.0-Megapixel 7x Optical/3.2x Digital Zoom Digital Camera
Brand/Model: CAN POWERSHOTPRO1)...I know the canon 10d is expensive and I would need to buy a lens that would cost even more money....but if I stuck to the 1000 dollar range I know the new canon 8 megapixel camera or the rebel...which one is better...what do you suggest?

Thanks for your help....