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    Recs for a tough 4-5mp point and shoot?

    Can anyone recommend a durable point and shoot camera in the 4-5 megapixel range? I've got a Pentax Optio 555 that I love, but I'm looking to get a second camera for my wife to use (after she dropped my Pentax! Fortunately, I was able to glue the battery door together...)

    My only requirements are:
    1) cheap (preferrably in the $200 range, if not cheaper)
    2) at least 4 MP
    3) uses SD memory cards
    4) durable (I don't want it to break like the flimsy plastic battery door on the last one!)
    5) if possible, one with a short shutter lag (if there's a lag, the chances of getting both of our kids to smile in the same picture drop exponentially)

    The camera will primarily be used to take pictures of our two little girls. Lots of indoor shots, some "action" shots. (with a 1 and a 3 year old, the action never stops!)

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    Re: Recs for a tough 4-5mp point and shoot?

    Any camera will break if you drop it, but there are a couple Pentax cams that are waterproof and encased in rubber to be a bit more durable.

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