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    Question about lenses

    I am a newcomer to photography, and have recently bought a kodak dx 6490 10x optical zoom. Kodak have recently brought out a lens adapter which will fit to any 55 mm lens. The only lens that they are making at the moment for this adapter is a 0.7x wide-angle, but what I need is a x1 or x2 telephoto lens to extend the Kodak,s 10x zoom to double or more. Would it be feasible to use, say, a x1 telephoto lens made by another maker, to fit this adapter, or am I way off the mark?. Also, would that new Kodak 0.7 wideangle lens improve the distance shots by 0.7, i,e. extend the 10x zoom to 17x zoom .

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    Yes, you can use other lenses assuming that they are the same size as your adapter.

    No, you don't go from 10x to 17x. You still get 10X but it's shifted downward.
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