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    Olympus Stylus 400 vs 410?

    Should I wait to get the 410 which is due out in March at full price ($379) or get a killer deal on the 400 ($255 via discount and rebate)? I assume it's being upgraded by the 410. I compared the features list and nothing stood out to be significant. I think the viewfinder might be better (not sure), the card was a 16MB, now it's a 32MB (not big enough to make a diff though--I'm buying a 128MB with the camera). Other stuff listed seems minor (couple modes/effects, super macro zoom added, 3.3 feet more of flash distance in wide angle). Maybe I missed something, does anyone know more? Thanks!

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    Go Old...

    Quote Originally Posted by David
    Should I wait to get the 410 which is due out in March at full price ($379) or get a killer deal on the 400 ($255 via discount and rebate)?
    IMHO, If there is nothing new on the 410 that you desparately need, go for the 400. That's an excellent price and value.
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    just to let you know

    there is a diffrence. but not with mega pixels they are the same. big chages are that the 410 will has TruePic TURBOTM image processor decreases the camera's start-up and shutter lag time, improves recording and playback time and continues to deliver clear, smooth image results. so it has faster chip inside.
    it has speaker that will record sound.

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