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    Newbie Needs Help!!

    This is my first post on this forum - too bad its purpose is to ask for help!

    My girlfriend gave me a Kodak CX6330 Digital Camera this past Christmas. Unfortunatly, I broke the rear cover and LCD screen. The cover is cracked (transparent plastic covering the LCD), as well as the LCD. The camera still functions properly, but it is a pain changing setting without the LCD as I now have to hook the camera to my television.

    Kodak can replace the LCD, but the cost is almost that of a new camera! What options do I have? I'm constantly looking on EBay for something similar for sale - but have had no luck to date. What other Kodak models use the same LCD as the CX6330 I wonder?

    If anyone can provide any insight, or direct me somewhere where I may explore some options, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Broken Digital Cameras

    Unfortunately, getting most compact digital cameras repaired isn't worth the money. They're too complicated and it's usually better to just buy a new one. Your camera isn't an expensive one, so it makes getting it repaired even less of an option. If you really like it, maybe you should consider buying a higher-end Kodak. I don't know what other Kodak cameras use the same LCD, but a four megapixel camera with manual exposure modes would definitely be a worthwhile upgrade, if you're serious about your photography.

    Why are you interested in a camera with the same LCD, anyway? Does the CX6330 have that OLED display?

    By the way, there are no reviews for the CX6330 yet. Would you be so kind as to post a review? Here's a link to that review page:

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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