This is going to sound strange, but it is true...I have a Sony Cybershot, purchased one year ago, in Texas. The camera takes great pictures, when I can get it to work. However, since I bought it, I have had to have the cable repaired (after a particularly rough road trip), and then have experienced numerous display problems since then. The display screen on the back of the camera either appears blank, or won't appear at all. I have been able to continue taking pictures, viewable only on my computer screen, but have not been able to access the menu due to this problem. Recently, my camera also began malfunctioning when I press the on/off button...the lens will project, but close, or incline and remain open and it will not take pictures. Now for the strange part...our original cable problem was identified and repaired by a sony repairman, still under warranty. However, after only a short time, the problem was back. We live overseas, so had to send it back to the U.S. for repair. However, the camera worked fine for the repairman, and for my brother who I had try it out (in my disbelief that it was "working fine.") They returned the camera to me, but it began blanking out the display screen almost immediately when I began to use it. I continued to use it, by using the viewfinder only, until my recent problems with the on/off switch. I have checked, changed, replaced the batteries, so this is not the issue. I took it to a sony repairman in the country we now reside in (Oman). I have just been informed by him that it is working fine! I am an experienced photographer, with excellent results and no history of camera trouble. However, it appears that I am causing some kind of negative reaction in this camera. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I am beginning to feel I have a digital camera curse. (I don't know if this is significant, but watches have been known to discontinue working when I wear them, in the past, but not recently. Other electronics I use work fine.) Any clue what is going on?