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    minolta dimage z1 record screens problem

    Alright. I got one of these awhile ago but since I just use it casually, I haven't really paid much attention to the details.

    When you're on the menu for taking a picture, there should be 3 record screens, correct? I only have 1 screen, with drive mode, image size, quality dsp, and digital zoom. What happened to the other 2?


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    I'm not familiar with all the menus on the Konica Minolta Z1. It may be that you're in an exposure mode that doesn't have the same options. With some cameras, different modes can drastically change the options and even the look of the menus. Try changing the exposure modes and see if the menu you're looking for appears.

    You might also want to try contacting someone who owns the camera. If you click on the names in the reviews, you'll be able to go to the reviewer's profile page and e-mail them. Here's a link to the Konica Minolta Z1 review page. And while you're there, please post a review, too. We can never have too many reviews!

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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