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    Jul 2008

    Arrow Lumix help center:

    Hi, any PhotographyREVIEW member who has a technical problem or questions about a lumix camera can post them here as replies to this thread. Or, you can send me a message.
    Sample problems:

    ~How do I attach an accessory lens onto the camera?
    ~How can I delete pictures from the memory card?
    ~The camera does not turn on.
    ~How do I transfer pictures to a computer?
    ~The camera’s lens does not zoom.
    I have shot with a DMC-FZ7 for 2+ years, but will also gladly help with similar models: DMC-FZ5, FZ8, and FZ18.
    When posting your question, please try to be as descriptive as possible. Also, specify your camera model. I will try to answer as soon as possible.
    To all other PhotographyREVIEW members: If you think you can also help with any problems that have been posted here, then you are welcome to jump right in!

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    Aug 2008

    Re: Lumix help center:

    Hi I have a Lumix, model DMC-FX10.
    Recently, when I turn on the camera the screen is just black. It's on, I can take pictures, it flashes, but the pictures take as black pictures.
    I've changed memory cards and it worked for 1 or 2 pictures, but it's gone back to just being black again.
    Any ideas?

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    Jul 2008

    Lightbulb Re: Lumix help center:

    Hi toastyred,

    I don't know much about the DMC-FX10, but I do have suggestions for fixing your problem:

    #1. Take pictures using both memory cards, and if you have another battery pack, take some shots with it too.

    #2. Now, take the SD card out of the lumix and stick it into a card reader. Can the photos be downloaded to a computer using the reader?
    If the pictures can be viewed in the computer and not on the camera's screen, then it is the screen thats the problem.

    Let me know if this worked.

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