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    How to choose a Tripod

    I am looking for a light (weight) and sturdy three-legged tripod for the camera and camcorder.
    Also, are the tripods compatible for both camcorder and cameras? The hole size appears to be same in size for the camera and the camcorder that I have.

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    Tripod Advice

    There are two ways to go with tripods - super cheap, and expensive. There's definitely a difference between the two. Compare the $20 tripods you see at Target or K-Mart to a $100 tripod you'd see in a serious camera store. You'll feel the difference in a second.


    Once you get your camera on a tripod, there's not a whole lot of difference. The quality difference is real, but once the camera is mounted and stable, you'll get the same photo with almost any tripod. So you need to ask yourself what your needs are. The most popular tripods on this site are the Bogen / Manfrotto models that cost around $100. They're solid, last forever, easy to use, come with a decent head, and you can change the head if you want. You can also buy carbon fiber tripods if light weight is super-important. But you'll pay through the teeth for carbon. It's cool, though. I've got one.

    Have you looked at the tripod review section on this site? Besides condiering your real needs, that's a great place to start narrowing it down. I'd recommend looking at what has the most reviews. If lots of people ar using something, and it has good ratings, it's gotta be good.

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