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    tripod suggestions?

    Hopefully this isn't off topic for the forum. Looking to buy one. I'm not opposed to buying a decent-quality tripod kit, but at the same time I previously used a terrible no name electronics-store tripod without too many problems. Just wondering if anyone had suggestions on what things I should really be looking for so I'm not kicking myself down the road as I get more serious. Thanks!

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    You could go toward the more expensive side and order a bogen (also called manfrotto) and get a head to attach to it. Depending on what you want for legs and head they can run from about $100 to probably about $400. Bogen also has a nice tripod head that has a ball head and you just squeeze the grip and move it around however you like.
    You might also want to look at Slik tripods... they're a little less expensive and do a good job. I've used a Slik for several years and it's held up relatively well.
    I would suggest going to B&H and looking at the tripods there and then looking to see what e-bay has.

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    Not off topic at all. I bought a couple of pieces of junk before I got anything decent, so that was money wasted. You can easily go over $400 though - no shortage of possibilities. Two good options for a sturdy tripod for a reasonable price would be Bogen's 3001 or 3021 legs, and check out the 3025 head. Difference between the two tripods would be in the height - but also then the weight and height when closed up for carrying. The 3025 head is very simple, sturdy and inexpensive. At a discount place, you should be able to pick up either combination of 3001 or 3021 with 3025 for well under $150.

    The biggest mistake would be buying a tripod that's so big that you don't take it with you. It won't do you any good in the trunk of your car, either. If the 3021 is more than you want to carry then you might want the 3001. If the 3001 is too bulky and heavy,look at carbon fiber (some weight savings but at a high cost).

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    I have a Slik 212 and love it for field work. Its light enough to carry fairly long distances though heavy enough to not get thrown around too much by the wind, and has a max height of ~ 5.5 feet. I can also set it up pretty fast with its snapping leg mounts (avoid twisting leg fasteners). I wish it could get a little lower, even this is possible if you remove the head and attach it to one of the legs, but that's a long and annoying procedure. It cost ~ $110.

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    One really good tripod for general photography is the Bogen 3021 as "Another View" has suggested. That's what I use as well. Basically, you want something that has legs that can extend to about the height of your neck (max stability). Adjustability of the legs is also important. Generally a heavier tripod is more stable, but heavier also means more to lug around. So, you'll need to weigh the need for portability versus weight.

    If you need to do a lot of close to the ground macro type shooting, you may wish to look at the Benbo tripods --people love 'em or hate 'em. The Bogen 3021 can be adapted for this type of shooting too by using a shorter center column, and making use of its adjustable legs.

    Bogen makes any number of heads. I prefer the 3025.


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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    Delete post.

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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    I started with a $30 Targus, and pull it out sometimes for kicks to compare it to my vanguard 284 alta pro (I think that's what it is) with a vanguard 250 ball head. Before that I had a carbon fiber rocket fish (best buy) which wasn't that bad, but I didn't feel good about the feet coming off, and once I started looking, I found the versatility of my current setup to be nearly future proof. Four leg sections allow me to fit this tripod in a backpack or carry-on if I have to (although I strap it to the outside). The legs also angle out, so the legs can get super low to the ground when the stem is extended and at an angle. That's another perk. I enjoy macro, so being able to pull the stem out and angle it out is very nice. It's probably a bit over $450 total, but again, the only reason I would have to replace it is if I lost it.
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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    A good tripod will last years, I have a very old Majestic (and very heavy) and a bogen (manfrotto now). I've had a cheap $30 tripod and between the cheap and the other two there is a world of difference. You need to purchase the correct tripod as to the use. A old majestic tripod is not a backpackers tripod, and most backpackers tripods will not support a even a small (120 size 6 cm by 7 cm ) view camera.

    Make sure the weight of you camera and heaviest lens does not exceed the rating of the tripod head or of the tripod.

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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    Hmmm maybe a Benro travel angel ??? They have several models that hold up to around
    26lbs and are under 4lbs in the carbonfiber versions. Very compact also if thats a concern . There usuaully in the mid $400range with head
    Nikon D5100

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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    Maybe after 8 years, he already has one.
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    Re: tripod suggestions?

    Go for Carbon fiber tripod.....

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