Is it possible to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with a credit card? Cryptocurrencies are now easily available and accessible from everywhere, even in not entirely crypto-friendly Nigeria. All you need for this is to have such a card and some spare cash. But choosing a trading platform is still important they all have their quirks and perks. In this guide, we explore how you can buy Bitcoin with a debit/credit card on, a p2p marketplace that offers the option of trading BTC for the Nigeria Naira.

You can buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with instant swap services such as local NairaEx, traditional exchanges such as Luno and Binance Spot, or payment (remittance) systems like BitPesa and MoonPay, although with some caveats and catches here and there. However, the most popular avenue to buy crypto with Naira (NGN) is through p2p trades. The popularity of these trades among Nigerian crypto users is perfectly justified if we consider that banks in this country cannot officially process cryptocurrency-related transactions. While some local and regional exchange services (like NairaEx or Yellow Card) have found loopholes, international operations such as Bitfinex prefer to stay away from the Nigerian crypto space.