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    Help me find a camera good for film and stills please?

    The way I word this may come across weird but if you think you can help me at all it would be amazing.
    I am 18 and on a budget of about 130 ($200). Im looking for something I can use to take "decent" stills and HD, professional looking if possible, video in around that price range.
    I had looked at Canon PowerShot SD1400IS (IXUS 130) but am not sure about the video mode, and also I have though about getting a camcorder (or Primarily Film Camera) Im moving from college to university soon and wanted to get a camera I could shoot my own short film ideas with, but also capture stills and shoot family videos on now and again.
    I thought Id ask the pros for help. Any advice would be amazing.

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    Re: Help me find a camera good for film and stills please?

    For 130, I would buy Canon's Ixus 130.
    It's a great, slim camera with high image quality and HD video.
    It doesn't have a very large zoom range, though - but that what your budget will buy.
    My compact digital camera guide -

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