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    Jun 2004
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    Can't get my DImage Z1 Viewfinder to wprk

    Can some help me? I don;t want to sned the camera back.

    Here's the story: The mode switch om the bottom/back of camera rotates to 3 positions

    1. Recording mode - Viewfinder display
    2. Recording mode Monitor display (on the LCD screen)
    3. Playback mode - monitor display

    In the beginning I could easily use option 1 by rotating the switch accordingly. After 1 week of using the cameras I can no longer invoke this option. Sure, the switch will rotate to that spot, and gives the reassuring "ding", but otherwise it remains in the Monitor mode. What do I do now?

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    Sounds Broken

    Sorry, it sounds like the connection has broken somehow. It could be that the indicator sound and the switch are actually separate functions. They must be since the viewfinder doesn't come on but there's still a sound. I think you're going to have to send it in.

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    Jul 2004
    La Marque, TX, USA
    I have a Z1 as well, I got it , played with it for a while, and within the first 30 minutes mine mine jammed. I did a search. Seems there is a problem with the Z1's doing this. like 95% of them. They say the only way to fix it is to send it back to minolta....Thing is. I accidently knocked my camera over on while on a shorty tripod.......Problem solved. It came un jammed. I have switched it back to veiwfinder a few times, but I dont recmomend using it unless you are ready to drop kick it or send it to Minolta.

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    Jun 2004
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    Cool had same problem

    I had mine for about 3 months before it jammed. I freaked out so much. Being the fidler I am, I decided to try to see if I sould see what was wrong myself. After removing all the screws and after much frustrastion about getting the body to seperate...I hear a click and the thing came unjammed. It has to do with the way a mirror is used to project the image from the lens to the viefinder. I was afraid it would be a risk when I bought it. It hasn't jammed since. I'm really reluctant to ever use the viewfinder now though. I suggest you send it back to get it fixed if you have a warranty on it. Please don't be an idiot like me and start fidling with things.
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