Hello All,
I am introducing this new and speedy service to all photographers in all fields. This has something to do with 3D & lenticular imaging. As you all know converting any files to this format is very costly and time consuming. But our new software I can render ant 2D image into 3D in minutes and gives the effects zoomming, depth, flip and even motion without the use of those funny looking red/blue eye lenses. Our lenses does all the effects for you, no need for that expensive and very critical of aligning and laminating the lens to the print itself. At the moment our available formats/lenses are 4x6 5x7 & 8x10's. We can do a 24 hour turn around on 3D images, again my prices and my turn around is not even comparable to those other 3D and lenticular services. Please feel free to contact me at mayipicazo@yahoo.com for more information.