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    Second-Gen Fujifilm X-Series Image Quality Preview

    I published our Fujifilm X100S studio sample photos last week and they are beautiful. There's only one other APS-C sensor out right now (Nikon D7100) that I think is comparable and I'm not sure it has the subtlety and dynamic range that the X100S's X-Trans CMOS II sensor has. Since Fujifilm's interchangeable lens X-Series cameras all use the original X-Trans sensor and processing, the X100S is a peak into what we can expect from the next generation - and it is good. Take a look at the studio tests to see for yourself how they've improved on the original X-Trans sensor:

    Fujifilm X100S Studio Sample Photos >>

    Do we have any X100, X100S or X-Series mirrorless camera owners here? What do you think of the X100S image quality?

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    Re: Second-Gen Fujifilm X-Series Image Quality Preview

    I had purchased an X100 just before the S model was announced and found the image quality to be remarkable. Because I was late to the game in purchasing the X100 many of the 'quirks' others complained about I did not experience due to the numerous firmware updates Fuji had released since the camera's inception. Because the X100S had features that could not be fixed through a firmware update such as the Q button and moving the focus point selector from the left to the right I opted to sell my X100 and preordered the S model. I will say that I sorely missed having an X100 or S model during my two month wait.

    I have experimented with the X100S over the past two months using it in both personal and commercial work. Yes I said commercial work. There are several features I find quite remarkable on this camera regardless of a camera in any price range:

    1. The sharpness of the images due in part to the elimination of the optical low pass filter
    2. The noise performance of the camera
    3. Having an (almost) unlimited flash sync speed due to its leaf shutter
    4. Built in 3 stop ND filter
    5. An almost completely silent shutter (again due to its leaf shutter)

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