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    Change up

    I bought my GF-1 and went with a 20mm f/1.7, 14-45, and 45-200. After using those for a year I am finding the 14-45 too restrictive, and the 45-200 less than stellar on the long end.

    So, I just ordered the 14-140 to have an all in one solution. I will eventually go with the 100-300 to compliment it. And sell off the lenses I have now.

    I am in debate as to what to do on the UWA end of things. The 7-14 looks really good, I haven't really heard anything bad about it. Then there's the 8mm fish eye: It's small, light and I love the effect, but I think I'd get bored with it pretty quickly. I guess I could convert the UWA shots with the zoom into fishy's on LR with the lens correction tool and have the best of both worlds?

    Lastly I am loving the new Think Tank Retro 5 for a new bag. It looks perfect for carrying a large MFT system. TT just sent me an email informing me that they are in stock. I have a Retro 20 right now and it's the nicest bag I own. I own and have owned a lot of Lowe and Tamrac, and the TT is really (really) nice.
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    Re: Change up

    The 7-14mm would be my choice too. I haven't read anything bad. There is also the 9-18mm as well. Try stitching some panos. It has worked well for me.
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