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    70-200mm L f4 Help.

    Well, I bought one recently, but it didn't come with a instructions booklet. I would like to read more on how to use this lens to its fullest rather than guessing. If anyone has one on disc they can send me that would be great. I am mainly shooting action sports... Motocross, biking, ect. Any help would be awesome!!


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    Re: 70-200mm L f4 Help.

    hi derekz, I don't thinks any lens that you are going to get would come with the instruction but rather then show you how to mount that sucker in your camera and fire it away. maybe I'm wrong about your question. So, what exactly your question is that you wanted to know.

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    Re: 70-200mm L f4 Help.

    I suggest reading thorough pro reviews with testing to be good enough to understand your lens. Find out which aperture is considered the sweet spot. Also find out at what focal length distortion begins to occur. Manuals will not tell you stuff like this.
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    Re: 70-200mm L f4 Help.

    I have that lens and use it on my Canon Rebel XT for taking action shots. There are only 2 switches on the lens one for turning the Auto focus On/Off and the other for selecting the range from the subject (3m or 1.2m). If you are more than 10ft from your subject leave it on 3m so the auto focus will work faster. As for shooting sport pictures if you have a Rebel XT set it for action shoots, leave auto focus on, set the resolution to it highest setting and keep the center focus dot of the subject. Press the shutter button way down to let the REBEL focus then just shoot away keeping the center dot on the subject. Once you have all you pictures you can download them to the computer zoom in and crop. If you like to see some samples go to select boys pictures and check out the photos on 3/14/07 by Joe. Good Luck.

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