Web Photos Pro 1.1 - Press Release

Hassle-free Online Photo Galleries For Your Website

San Francisco, May 23, 2005 - Whether you're a professional photographer, amateur photographer, or you just like taking photos of your family and friends, getting those photos onto your website can be tedious and time-consuming. And whether you're using the latest products from Adobe, or still building photo albums by hand, it's hard to find a product that's as easy to use as your camera's "point and shoot" interface. Well now there is such a product -- Web Photos Pro 1.1 (http://www.webphotospro.com).

Making Photo Albums Is As Easy As "Point and Shoot"
Designed by a photographer who was frustrated at the poorly designed products currently available, Web Photos Pro is aimed at anyone who needs to upload dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of photos to the web. And regardless of the number of photos you need to upload, Web Photos Pro makes creating a new photo album as easy as "point and click". Choose a folder of photos, enter titles and descriptions, click "Upload" and Web Photos Pro does the rest -- creating thumbnails and resizing and compressing your photos (to your specifications), building great-looking photo album web pages, and then uploading everything to your website. "I have a lot of photos to keep track of, and had been using 3 or 4 different programs to manage, rename, resize, make web pages, and FTP to my web server. Your program does it all in one!", says Mike Lundeby, a Web Photos Pro user who maintains both work and personal photo albums.

Available for Windows 98/2000/XP and Mac OS X
Web Photos Pro 1.1 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. It will run on any version of Windows, including Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Window XP, as well as any version of Mac OS X, including Tiger (v10.4). The Web Photos Pro interface is easy to use -- there's a list of albums window, a photo album window where you use drag and drop to organize photos and enter photo information, as well as a full-size image window if you need to look at a photo in more detail. And for Mac OS X iPhoto 4 and iPhoto 5 users, Web Photos Pro connects seamlessly to iPhoto, reading your iPhoto photo albums, as well as the titles, descriptions and keywords you've entered.

Web Photos Pro Server Edition
In addition to the client application, there is a companion server product -- Web Photos Pro Server Edition -- which is a PHP module you can load onto your web server to get additional features such as photo search, Flickr-like tagging, password-protected private albums, and even an automatically created "most recent photos" album. The combination of tagging and search makes Web Photos Pro Server Edition especially powerful, as it allows site visitors to browse photos in a non-linear fashion. For example, by following the tag links, photos can be browsed by subject and content, rather than the simple and static album-based browsing available with other photo album products.

For bloggers, Web Photos Pro comes with a Wordpress plug-in that makes adding a photo to a blog entry as easy as adding .

Web Photos Pro is available for $39.95 (US), or $29.95 for students, and can be purchased online with a credit card. Web Photos Pro Server Edition is available for either commercial or non-commercial use, and is priced from $49.00 to $999.00 depending on the number of servers and domains being served.

Web Photos Pro can be found on the web at http://www.webphotospro.com/