Hi everyone that uses this software.

They have finally released the Windows Version of this software and it now contains support for a few more cameras, in particular the Canon 20D and also has support for some of the G series cameras but not the G6.

New features on Windows:

Memory card importer
You now have the opportunity to load images from your card reader directly into Capture One. When you insert your memory card into the card reader an import dialogue will appear automatically. The images can be renamed while being imported.

Refresh capture folder
Refresh capture folder allows automatic refreshing of your capture folder enabling you to view and load in RAW images from 3rd party applications in real time. It's almost as shooting tethered.

Improved meta data support With Capture One 3.6 you get more meta data about the camera, the exposure and the RAW file than youve ever had before.

New camera support
Capture One 3.6 includes new camera support. 11 new cameras have been added including Canons 1Ds MKII and 20D.

Canon: 1Ds MKII, Pro 1, 20D, G5, G3, G2
Fuji: S3
Olympus: C 8080
Konica Minolta: Maxxum 7 D/Dynax 7 D/7 Alpha, A1, A2

Olympus image quality
The image quality of Olympus RAW files have been improved.

www.rawworkflow.com or www.phaseone.com