PrimeFoto, first in a new family of digital camera accessories, will be the digital camera user's favorite tool for creating digital photo albums and slideshows.

Torrance, CA, October 19, 2004….. Pacific Image Electronics, long-known for quality film scanners, announces PrimeFoto, the best companion for digital camera users. PrimeFoto is a digital camera accessory for creating digital photo albums and slideshows and saving them onto inexpensive CDs for archiving or sharing with friends and family.


PrimeFoto can be used connected to a television for easy viewing or as a standalone unit. Either way, there is no need for a computer when using PrimeFoto.

With PrimeFoto connected to a television, the user inserts a digital camera memory card and blank CD into the unit, and can then rotate and select/deselect photos to be produced into digital photo albums/slideshows. Narration or music can be added to personalize the slideshow. The digital photo album/slideshow, along with archive information, is then burned onto the CD with the touch of a button. PrimeFoto also copies original JPEG files onto the CD that can be used to print photos. CDs include all information necessary for easy archival and retrieval of photos; a vast improvement over the traditional shoeboxes and stacks of books used to store print photos.

A wide range of memory card formats, including CF I/II, Microdrive, SD, MMC, SM, MS, MS pro, MS duo and xD (optional - adapter required), can be used with PrimeFoto, making it compatible with most popular digital cameras.

Digital photo album /slideshow CDs created using PrimeFoto are DVD quality (704 X 480) and viewable on most popular DVD Players. This is a major upgrade over simple back-up systems available on the market now. While the CDs created on these systems might be readable by some DVD players, the photos are arranged into folders, and must be opened and decoded one-by-one.

With PrimeFoto, viewers can select the slideshow to see the images played in 4-second intervals. The digital photo album mode allows the viewer to click forward and backward as desired through the images using the remote control from their DVD player, simulating the way most people lookthrough a scrapbook or stack of photos.

PrimeFoto Can Operate With No Television Connection At All

PrimeFoto also operates without connection to a television to create a slideshow. Using PrimeFoto in this mode is great when the user wants to include all photos on the memory card, rather than selecting specific images, in the slideshow.

The user places the memory card and blank CD into PrimeFoto, and simply presses the copy button briefly to transfer images to the CD. To create a slideshow that can be played back on a DVD player, the user presses and holds the copy button for three seconds, and the slideshow will be created.

Sharing Photos Has Never Been Easier

The user can also easily make copies of the digital photo album/slideshow with PrimeFoto and share them with friends and family.

PrimeFoto is sleek and modern-looking with a brushed-aluminum finish.The unit weighs 4 pounds and measures 9 1/8" (L) x 10 1/8" (W) x 2 1/4"(H). PrimeFoto connects to any television's video input using the included proprietary RCA cable.

Shipping is expected to begin in November 2004. PrimeFoto launches at an MSRP of $249.99.

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