New Firmware Version 1.2 Improves Already Fast Write Speed of the EVOLT with Support for Newer Compact Flash Media Cards

Melville, New York, March 28, 2005 - A key advantage of the Olympus Digital SLR System is that the performance of the cameras, lenses, and flash units can be enhanced through free user updates accessible via the Olympus image editing software and the Internet long after the products have arrived at a user's home. Olympus once again demonstrates this advantage by posting online today a free firmware update for the EVOLT E-300 Digital SLR body.

"Performance and new features for the E-System can easily be updated, adding to the user's confidence and enjoyment of these SLRs," said John Knaur, senior marketing manager at Olympus Imaging America Inc. "Updating the E-System components assures that you are utilizing the latest versions of the firmware for Olympus bodies, lenses and flash units in order to maximize performance. The ability to upgrade your equipment easily online is one of the advantages of the Olympus 100% Digital SLR system solution."

The new firmware version 1.2 will improve the already fast write speed of the EVOLT with support for newer Compact Flash media cards.

Additional user controls added to the EVOLT E-300 with the update:
  • Shading Compensation Control: This new feature replaces the original default setting for shading which was always on, with a user selectable On/Off shading compensation menu. Under some conditions a lens may render images slightly darker around the edges. This new selectable menu option assists with the even dispersion of light to the edges of a captured image, thereby fixing the problem.
  • Anti-Shock Function: For those users who enjoy shooting in extremely low light, this selectable menu option will lock the mirror into a stationary position to eliminate vibration caused by the mirror movement before the exposure. This is a very useful addition for those who would like to use their EVOLT for long exposures on a tripod, for Astro-photography, or for Microscope photography when long exposures are used and camera shake must be eliminated.
  • Focus/Shutter Release Priority Menu selection for both Single Auto Focus Mode and Continuous-AF mode: This selectable option will allow users to control the shutter so that shots can be taken without waiting for the camera to confirm focus for faster shooting. Or, when focus is the most important function, the EVOLT can be set to fire only after the focus is confirmed. The new selections can be made for both the Continuous AF and Single AF modes.
The firmware update is easily accessible through the Help menu of OLYMPUS Master software which ships with the camera or through Olympus Viewer (shipping with the E-1) or Studio 1.1 or higher (optional for both the EVOLT and E-1). To upgrade to this most current version of the EVOLT firmware simply connect the camera to a computer that is connected to the Internet via the supplied USB cable. The onscreen instructions will guide you through the process which takes only a matter of minutes.