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    Olympus Total Imaging Solution - Press Release


    New DVD/CD Reader/Writer Enables Users to Connect a Digital Camera Directly to Preserve Images without Using a PC

    Melville, New York, February 17, 2005 - Olympus is proud to announce that the new IR-300 Digital Camera and S-DVD-100 DVD/CD Reader/Writer have been added to its Total Imaging Solution family of products. When Olympus first announced the development of the Total Imaging Solution in 2004, it showed consumers a revolutionary way to experience digital photography. Rather than involve a PC in the digital imaging process, the Total Imaging Solution enables users to take, organize, print, and store photos quickly and hassle-free virtually anywhere with compact, high-performance components.

    The Olympus Total Imaging Solution line consists of several products sold separately including digital cameras (two models now available including the IR-300 and IR-500), a DVD Reader/Writer, Hard Drive Storage System, and a Digital Photo Printer. All of the components in the Olympus Total Imaging Solution are distinguished by their sleek and pearl white design - projecting an image of premium style, ease-of-use and high performance. Place either IR camera in its cradle and it will work together with any component, or connect components independently with other Olympus products via an adapter.

    "The Total Imaging Solution places the digital camera at the heart of the digital imaging solution so users are able to eliminate the often burdensome and intricate computer-based process currently necessary to print, store and share images from a digital camera," said Richard Campbell, product marketing director, Olympus Imaging America Inc.

    "Olympus is breaking barriers in digital imaging with these two latest components for the Total Imaging Solution. The S-DVD-100 DVD Reader/Writer is the first device in the world to allow digital photos to be stored on DVD or CD media directly from a digital camera. And with the addition of the IR-300, we are now offering two innovative cameras in the Total Imaging Solution line."

    Burn Images Direct to Disk without Using a PC
    For the first time ever, digital photos can be stored on DVD or CD media directly by connecting an IR series digital camera to the S-DVD-100 DVD Reader/Writer, and without involving a PC. This is ideal for people who are not computer-savvy, and DVDs are great for storing and sharing digital images because of their high storage capacities, long storage life, and portability. Just take photos with the IR-300, connect it to the S-DVD-100, burn images to disk, and send your friends home with a DVD of images.

    New 5.0-Megapixel Digital Camera Added to Total Imaging Solution
    The latest digital camera to join the Total Imaging Solution family is the IR-300 with an ultra-slim 0.87-inch thick durable die-cast magnesium body. It features a 2-inch anti-glare LCD for easy viewing even in bright sunlight, 5.0-megapixels, a 3x optical zoom lens (f3.3 - f4.0, 38mm - 114mm equivalent), and 12x total combined optical-digital zoom.

    The camera offers a choice of 19 selectable shooting modes for photography in a wide range of conditions. Simply select a shooting mode and the camera is ready to photograph the situation at hand with the optimum aperture, shutter speed, white balance, color saturation and flash setting. In QuickTime® Movie mode, a camera shake function has been incorporated to reduce image unsteadiness and allow more carefree movie shooting.

    The Album Function on the IR-300 allows users to organize images into photo albums on the camera's xD-Picture Card from the images taken by the camera, or even those transferred to it from a computer. Users can create up to 12 separate albums of 100 images, sort them as they chose, and access them conveniently. The new built-in Calendar Function automatically organizes and recalls images by specific dates. If users desire to transfer images to a computer, they can do so with the Auto-Connect USB 2.0 full speed that does not require software drivers (for most computers/operating systems), enabling hassle-free, full-speed image downloads.

    Other Components of Olympus Total Imaging Solution
    Beyond the S-DVD-100 DVD Reader/Writer and IR-300 digital camera, other components compliment the Olympus Total Imaging Solution and work with each other or with any camera with USB Mass Storage Class ability.

    S-HD-100 Hard Drive Storage System:
    By connecting the IR-300 or IR-500 to the compact S-HD-100, an astonishing 40,000 4.0-megapixel-class images (approx.) can be stored on its 40-gigabyte hard disk drive. This is a great convenience for users who want to free up space on their media cards. All they have to do is connect their camera to the S-HD-100 and backup images from the media card.

    The S-HD-100 is equipped with a built-in CPU that enables image file management functions. For example, when downloading images from an IR series digital camera, the S-HD-100 checks each image to see if it has been downloaded previously and only downloads the images that are new.

    The S-HD-100's handheld size and light weight make it extremely portable. The hard drive can be easily connected to a computer when necessary to transfer, edit and back-up images.

    P-S100 Printer:
    The IR-300 or IR-500 connects directly to the P-S100, a new dye-sublimation photo printer designed to work with or without any connection to a computer, for instant printing. It prints 4 x 6-inch photo lab quality prints in 88 seconds (approx.). The P-S100 is compact, sleek, and measures a mere 6.6in. (W) x 2.8in. (H) x 5.7in. (D), and weighs just 35.4 ounces.

    The P-S100 comes with 50 sheets of paper in the paper tray and ribbon cartridge so you can begin printing right away. Each print is sealed with a light and moisture-resistant over-coating, which ensures that prints retain their beauty for a long time. Vivid and beautiful print quality is achieved with 16.77 million vibrant colors.

    The P-S100 Printer features PictBridge(tm) technology so that any PictBridge-enabled camera may connect to it via USB cable and start printing right away.

    IR-500 Digital Camera:
    In addition to the IR-300, Olympus also offers the IR-500 with 4.0-megapixels, a 2.8x optical zoom lens (40mm - 112mm equivalent), 30x total zoom including digital zoom, and an f2.9-f4.8 aperture range. The IR-500 is the first Olympus camera to feature a 360-degree rotating (front to back) LCD display. By rotating the display, users can view their subjects when taking images from a variety of angles. The multi-swing display also ensures portability and protection by covering the lens and the LCD monitor when in its closed position. The LCD monitor, at a generous 2.5 inches, enhances still image and QuickTime® movie viewing pleasure. The high-contrast 210,000-pixel anti-glare LCD is designed for enhanced clarity and easy viewing even in bright outdoor light.

    The IR-300 and S-HD-100 will be available in April 2005, S-DVD-100 will be available in May 2005, and the IR-500 and P-S100 will be available in February 2005. The IR-300 comes with a Cradle, a Li- 40B Li Ion Rechargeable Battery, A/C Adapter, Strap, Audio/Video Cable, Camera WIN/Mac USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Basic Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, and Camera Advanced Manual. The S-DVD-100 comes with AC adapter, Power Code, USB cable, User's Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, and CD-ROM (OLYMPUS Master, packet writing software).

    U.S. Pricing
    IR-300 Estimated Street Price: $349.99 (U.S.)
    S-DVD-100 Estimated Street Price: $399.99 (U.S.)
    IR-500 Estimated Street Price: $349.99 (U.S.)
    S-HD-100 hard disk drive storage device Estimated Street Price: $299.99 (U.S.)
    P-S100 digital photo printer Estimated Street Price: $199.99 (U.S.)
    PA7 adapter for connecting USB mass storage camera to S-DVD-100/S-HD-100
    KP16 cable for connecting S-DVD-100/S-HD-100 to P-S100: $ 19.99(U.S.)

    For more information, please visit
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