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    New Imacon Flextight Film Scanner - Press Release


    Leading Danish manufacturer Imacon has announced the introduction of the latest addition to its range of Flextight scanners, the Flextight 949. The new scanner, which will be available to the market in mid April and have its first exhibition showing at drupa 2004, will join the Flextight 848, 646 and 343, completing what Imacon believes is now the most powerful family of high-end CCD scanners in the world.

    Says Christian Poulsen, founder and managing director, Imacon: We have listened to the market and made a number of significant technological advances with the 949 model. We have improved the brightness of the light source in the scanning process enabling the user to scan 200MB per minute double that of the Flextight 848 model, which also means better exposure and a stronger signal-to-noise ratio promoting a wider dynamic range.

    The improved light source has also been redesigned to provide more diffusion, helping to minimize the visibility of dust, grain and scratching cutting down retouching time. As with all scanners in the Flextight range, the 949 scanner is built on the award winning Flextight model incorporating Imacons unique virtual drum design.

    The Flextight 949 offers non-interpolated optical resolutions of up to 8,000 dpi and true 16-bit colour with a 4.9 Dmax possible in a single pass. The scanner has the ability to scan 200 Mb of data per minute and can handle positive and negative film originals from 35mm to 12 x 24,5 cm, plus reflective copy up to A4. The new scanner also incorporates the computer controlled active cooling facility. This means a considerable reduction in noise and an improvement in colour stability.

    Other features incorporated within the Flextight 949 include an automatic focus facility, automatic frame detection and an extended magnification range of up to 3,800 percent. The maximum file size possible is 1.2 Gb, with scan modes including RGB (24 & 48 bit), CMYK (32 bit), greyscale (8 & 16 bit) and Line Art.

    Imacon will also be introducing new mounted slide feeder options for the 949: The batch feeder option we offered with the Flextight 848 has proven to be so popular we have designed this model to also fit the new Flextight 949, continues Mr Poulsen. In addition to this, Imacon has also developed a mounted slide feeder specifically for the operation with the 949, capable of batch scanning up to 50 slides at up to 5000 ppi. Again, this all about
    providing the photographer with as much workflow flexibility and efficiency as possible.

    As with all members of the Flextight family, the FT949 utilizes Imacon's unique FlexColor software and 3f - Flexible File Format digital data management system. FlexColor is compatible with Mac OSX+; Windows 2000 and XP. Interface is via FireWire. The FT949 will be priced in the U.S. market at $19,995.00.

    For more information on this or other Imacon products, please visit,
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