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    new 3D site for photographers

    Hi there, i have built this 3D site at a free hosting site. Please have a look. I think is a good for fotographers to build our sites and post our works.
    Please view my site at
    have fun and really appreciate if any comments. Thanks,

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    Re: new 3D site for photographers

    Quote Originally Posted by Terms of service
    You grant to Gogofrog a non-exclusive perpetual royalty-free licence to copy and communicate to the public any Content you upload to the Service, solely for the purpose of hosting and providing public access to that Content on the Website. You warrant that you have the ability to grant such rights to Gogofrog, and agree to indemnify Gogofrog if any third party takes action against Gogofrog in relation to Content you provide. All Content you provide shall be deemed to be non-confidential.
    No thanks bucko.

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    Re: new 3D site for photographers

    I think basically what it's saying is,

    "We're going to display your photos for you for free, don't expect us to pay you to do this. You better only post your own pictures, not somebody else's. If you post something so offensive that someone who sees it decides to sue, it's your problem not ours, since we're not monitoring your content. We're showing what you upload to the world, so make sure it's something you want the world to see."

    I wouldn't be too afraid of that language, unless someone here has a different interpretation? Let me know if I'm missing something here.
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