Israel Photographic Safari

The Holy Land a Spiritual Journey - Feburary 5-14th 2006

In the year 2000 I had an opportunity to travel to a small country. That country changed my life. I've been a world traveler for the last 35 years but Israel was unlike any other place I’ve been to. All the studies I learned as a young man were only words in a book, but after spending 2 weeks in Israel, these words came alive in a way that was almost impossible to explain. No matter what your religion is this will be an experience not to be missed. The mentors for this trip will be Joe DiMaggio, JoAnne Kalish and we will have the benefit of the finest guide Amir Orley who is truly “our Brother.” There isn't anything about Israel that Amir does not know. There is an old Italian word that describes Amir and it is mensche. We will be traveling for 7 days and virtually see all of Israel within that time. Along the way there will be some major surprises and guests that will join us on our adventure. This workshop will be limited and 5 students have already signed up without a price and itinerary. I strongly recommend you sign up as soon as possible. For further information contact or call (570) 296-4510