We've made a few changes to the gallery that I think you'll be interested in. First of all, we've made it so that your camera choice "sticks." When you upload a photo, the gallery drops a cookie onto your machine so that when you upload again, the camera dropdown automatically defaults to the same camera (and lens, film, etc) you selected on your last upload. So, unless you're changing cameras all the time (like me), you'll only have to select a camera from the dropdown, once.

I also added two new gallery categories, "Nature" and "Nude and Glamour." Nature is for all the outdoor stuff that doesn't fit "Sports," "Landscape," or "Macro." Glenn requested it and I've wanted a Nature category for a few of my own images.

The "Nude and Glamour" category is for fine art nudes and glamour photos. A lot of photos have been posted in the Portrait category that don't really belong there. And there are photographers who are shooting serious nudes but don't really feel comfortable sharing them on the forums or any of the current gallery categories. This will give them an appropriate place to share their work. And it will help keep the rest of the gallery clean for the kiddies. Please don't abuse the new forum - no porn! We will be keeping a close eye on it.

Thanks for your suggestions, requests, and criticism!