Shrinks large images without losing quality to speed email and conserve storage space

--- The large file size of the photos taken with today?s high-resolution digital cameras creates large problems in e-mail transmission, from slow downloads to delivery failures, particularly when consumers try to send more than one image simultaneously. The solution: eFotoXpress, a new image compression software program from the American Multiplexer Corporation that shrinks images to an email- and storage-friendly size without any sacrifice in picture quality. One folder containing 100 images or more can now be sent in seconds --- an impossibility in the past --- then viewed and printed at full resolution.

eFotoXpress uses a new image compression standard called JPEG2000 to reduce the file size of any BMP, JPEG or TIF image or group of images by as much as 1,000% to just 80 kilobytes, roughly the size of a 12-page Word document. The compressed photos can be sent as attachments over virtually any Windows-based e-mail application as fast as you can say ?cheese.? Even a single image can be transmitted 400 times faster than before, reducing download times from a few minutes to a few seconds. Whole folders travel just as fast.

The compressed images look identical to the originals and can be printed as razor-sharp photos in any size from 3x5 to 8x10. The technology also reduces storage requirements by up to 1500 percent, preventing images from clogging hard drives or inboxes while also enabling users to store more images on their PCs or memory sticks.

Compression is performed with a few clicks. Users have the option to add a caption or 10-second voice message to each file, assemble multiple files into a slideshow, or create a talking slideshow by combining compressed images with voice messages. E-mail recipients simply download the free eFotoXpress Viewer once in order to view, resize and rotate images that have been compressed with the program.

?Today even a standard 1MB image file ties up an e-mail recipient?s computer while it downloads, and ISPs typically will not deliver anything larger than 2MB. That complicates the process of e-mailing photos to share with friends and family or even business colleagues,? said Edward Tan, president and CEO of American Multiplexer Corporation. ?eFotoXpress is the first application that solves the problem, making it as easy to send photo files as documents for the first time.?

Availability and Specifications
eFotoXpress is available for download at and from other sources, including J&R Music?s stores and website (, at an MSRP of $49.95. It requires Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Home or XP Professional, and can be used with most Windows-based e-mail programs including Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

About American Multiplexer Corporation
American Multiplexer Corporation (OTC:AMUT) specializes in developing consumer products utilizing JPEG2000 compression technology. Their flagship product, eFotoXpress, is a software utility that uses wavelet compression technology and the new JPEG2000 standard to easily compress very large images so that they may be sent by e-mail without any loss in quality. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit or