If you know anyone who uses their own digital video camera and have a Windows XP computer at home, please read on.

These people typically shoot videos of kids, grandkids, family events, sports, vacations, weddings (but not professionally), recitals, etc. (Not for their work, just for personal use.) The inexperienced folks have lots of video footage that they have taken, but just don't know what to do with it or how to get started. They haven't done any video editing before, but they really want to so they can share their videos with friends and family. They may have done some photo editing but just never tackled video editing. Ideally, they would come from a non-technical background, but that is not a requirement. For those with video editing experience, they need to be on areas other than Adobe video products. We need people who are totally innocent in this area.

The immediate need is to find women with or without video editing experience, and who own a Windows XP computer (Must have WinXP) that is powerful enough to do editing and DVD burning.

To be considered for the study, please complete our questionnaire:


Please feel free to email this page to your friends, groups, and family! We particularly need women! Their home needs to be within an hour of San Jose, CA.

-------- More details - DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA USERS WANTED ---------

We are seeking video hobbyists who make movies for personal use and are interested in providing feedback about digital video software. We are looking for local participants (SF Bay Area) for home studies. As a token of our appreciation, participants will receive items such as gift checks or software. We are looking for both experienced and non-experienced video hobbyists.

General Requirements:
They make videos for personal use, only. They own a PC with Windows XP, minimum of 256K RAM (512K or more preferred), Pentium 3 or newer, 800 MHz or faster, and 1394 (FireWire) card, DVD burner, gigs of extra room on their hard drive, and a digital video camera.

Two categories of People we look for:

(1) No Video Editing Experience. these people should be very motivated to learn to edit their videos to share with others. Windows XP only.

(2) People WITH Video Editing Experience. these people should use software such as: Windows Movie Maker, Ulead Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Magix Video Deluxe, or Sony Movie Studio. They are hobbyists and not professionals. Windows XP only.

We have studies starting this week and next!

Individuals interested in participating in Digital Video Hobbyist research should complete this survey:

Thank you!

videostudies2000 at yahoo.com (fill in the @ sign)