Cuba Humanitarian Tour December 11th - 17 2005

So you wanted to join the Peace Corps in the 60's - you, me, and hundreds and thousands of others.

Joe DiMaggio, JoAnne Kalish and Dr. Eliot Kornberg are putting together a humanitarian trip to Cuba for 30-40 people. This is an opportunity for photographers to get together and help out their fellow men and women. We will be going down under the auspices of the OFAC (Office of Asset Control of US Treasury Dept.) license of one of the Jewish agencies. We will be visiting Havana and photos made there will be long remembered and treasured. More importantly, you will be part of a team that will be visiting synagogues and churches to bring in greatly needed humanitarian relief and religious articles. You will be asked to follow 10 or so serious rules. We will be bringing as much medicine, clothing, soap, and writing utensils that we can carry in our luggage. Dr. Elliot Kornberg has been to Cuba 6 times. He is not only a great humanitarian working with Jewish groups in Cuba but is also a fine writer and photographer. Dr. Kornberg (who is a surgeon) uses photography as a scalpel to cut to the core of the people and places he visits. JoAnne and I are personally excited about sharing this experience with Dr. Kornberg and with our fellow photographers. This will be a trip to long remember. We will take visual literacy and combine it with spirituality and go to places we've not been before. For further information contact or call (570) 296-4510