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    Re: 2006 PMA Tradeshow Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by berrywise
    That new LowePro backpack, do they have any safety backups built into it in case you pop your bladder?
    Hmmm, I assume you mean the bladder in the bag. I figure if you, uh "pop" as you say, um, ya know...YOUR bladder, ain't no backpack gonna help you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by berrywise
    That new LowePro backpack, do they have any safety backups built into it in case you pop your bladder?
    Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you on this. It's a DryZone system. The camera bag part is basically weatherproof. So if the bladder goes, it's just goibng to run off over the camera bag section. It's really a good design. The only downside is accessibility. The DryZone zippers are a little slow to open and close.

    I rode two days with it in Florida and it was awesome. I'm paying up so I can keep it. I need to do soem climbing with it to see how that is. I assume I'm going to feel the weight. But the fit is great and it carries the extra weight very well.

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    Re: DryZone

    Hi John...I know PMA is over, but I was reading on some UK sites today that Pentax unveiled a mock up of a new 10mp DSLR...did you happen to see anything about or know anything about it??
    Thanx, Ken

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    Re: Lowepro DryZone Rover Camera Pack

    Quote Originally Posted by Photo-John
    This was waiting for me when I checked into my motel last night. It's something that outdoor sports photographers like me have been waiting for for a long, long time - a combo hydration/camera backpack. This looks like it may be a keeper. I was skeptical, but everything looks to be in order. In this photo it's pictured between my main camera bag, a Tamrac 5258 backpack, and my Deuter Superbike hydration pack, which I ride with now. There's no way I can ride with the Tamrac, nor would I want to. It's too big and it's got way too much stuff in it. The Deuter has a huge hydration bladder, lots of space, a great harness system, and it fits great. Right now, when I want to take an SLR riding, I put it in a small Tamrac waist pack and put that inside the Deuter. But the Deuter really can't take that much and the camera doesn't ride that well.

    I loaded the Lowepro up with a real pro digital body (Canon EOS 1D) with regular zoom attached, a pro 70-200 f/2.8 lens, a flash, and a fisheye lens. That's way more than I ever ride with now. It all fits and the pack feels great on my back.

    That's all I'm going to say for now. I'm excited to try this though. On Thursday, after PMA is over, I'm heading north to a mountain bike park, for some R&R, shooting, and new backpack testing. I'm gonna give this thing a workout like no on else has. I might even crash on it

    It was my birthday yesterday and my fiance got me the Dryzone Rover pack for me. I'm gonna put it through the ringer this weekend when I head up to Duluth, Mn for a mountain/urban/park/trials biking photoshoot that Red Bull is hosting. Should be sweet, got a handful of photographers showing up and a lot of riders. After party/slide show Saturday night at Pizza Luce. If you are in the area show up and get some sweet shots.

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